USGP @ Laguna Seca

I went to the USGP at Laguna Seca this past weekend. Other than that absolutely overwhelming heat, it was, as usual, a friggin' blast. Nicky got the win, and Honda swept the podium, with Dani Pedrosa in second and Marco Melandri in third. Rossi's engine blew. He walked past me right after the race, and looked pissed to the max. Anyway, here's a few pics from the weekend.

Me and Rossi several hours after the race.

Kenny Roberts, Sr. and Mick Doohan talking right before the race.

John Hopkins right after the race.

Kenny Roberts, Jr. heading out to the grid.

Nicky's victory lap.

Sete Gibernau heading out of his pit.

Colin Edwards' pit.

Jose Luis Cardoso in the pit.

Casey Stoner heading to the grid.

Alex Hoffman right before the race.

My coworker was there as well.


Lucky bastard! I would love to meet Rossi! I had originally planned to go this year but I'm getting married in 3 weeks and the timing just didn't work. ;)

Did you get a chance to chat with him or just snap a quick pic?

BTW-Thanks for ruining the race, I haven't downloaded it yet! Could it be? An American motoGP champ?! Rossi is still the king but he's had terrible luck with his equipment this year.

Sorry for the spoiler slacker!

I really didn't get a chance to chat with him, just took a picture and got his autograph on my ticket. He was friendly enough, but I could tell he just wanted to get out of there. He was waiting for his ride.

Congrats on the marriage.

How was the parking and bathroom situation this year?

Sweet.  I've yet to see a motorcycle race in person but definately want to.

The parking seemed to be much better. They had a motorcycle only entrance, and our suite passes got us parking right next to the paddock. We tend to stay at the track pretty late, and most people left by the time we left, so that was not a problem. As to the bathrooms, we had a suite, so we had a nice, private, air conditioned bathroom. Some things are simply worth the extra costs.

elmo - if you get a chance, it's absolutely awesome. Much better live than on tv, and I even like it on tv, so that's saying something. If you ever get a chance to see a MotoGP race, do what it takes to go. It's out of this world. really have to go the the porsche events (Porsche sponsored, not porsche club locals) when they do a rennsport reunion.