Using a Meat Slicer on Frozen Meat

I got a cooks Meat Slicer for Xmas. Not a super fancy one:

The most useful function it would serve for me would be to slice meat for jerky. I assume I'll fuck that blade up quickly if I freeze the meat completely, right?

What about a partial freeze?

I imagine it might just not cut if it was frozen. You might get by with a partial...but I don't think it's good for the blade.

Pretty sweet looking machine though.

depends on how good your slicer is. you might not even need to partially freeze

For $39.99, I'm guessing it's not world-class.

partially freeze it - a lot of slicers will stop rotating if the blade meets a certain amount of resistance (you know, in case a hand slips in there). So completely freezing it might cause it to lock up

Be sure not to polish the blade with your face towel.