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I've recently returned to my kickboxing team having trained on and off for 3 years. During my last period of time off I have been working on my boxing a lot bag work, taking the time to figure out combos combos, learning new techniques improving my foot work etc. So I returned to my kickboxing club and spar with some of the fighters their who are fighting this weekend (well conditioned). I find having done some pad work with them before hand that in terms of my boxing it is much slicker and I can avoid a lot of their strikes due to my footwork and reach and can control the tempo well using my strength . However when I spar kickboxing I can't use all the stuff I have in my arsenal when boxing as all it takes is a flailing (sometimes unarmed ) kick to stop me using my boxing. I know that my kicks need improvement but I was wondering if anybody had any tips in regards to how when sparring kickboxing I could incorporate all the things I do so well at boxing without just getting shut down by a big kicker. Thanks Phone Post

iam2ninjafoya - Go to the body only when opponent is on the ropes... Shorten up punches when opponent is on ropes. Phone Post
Good tip! Ive had a good hard think about this and I've figured working on sloping to miss these kicks and letting my opponent kick themselves out a bit then using my hand speed. Phone Post

Slipping* Phone Post

Effective jabs will help take away timing, and a lot of kick boxers I've sparred with very rarely throw them. Also, You got time body work when they are trapped against the ropes (as previously stated) or when they are waiting to counter. My main focus would be not to be in a low boxing stance on the outside. Your lead leg will be eaten alive from low kicks. Phone Post

Yeah I'm starting to think that pushing the tempo isn't the greatest of plans and countering is a much better plan giving you the time to avoid kicks! Going to try utilising slipping to counter and not ducking into kicking range when boxing as I'm quite tall for my weight! Phone Post

hypoxia - Slipping works for me but I'm not tall. I interrupt tempos, slip, counter and throw combos.
Sometimes my coach yells "this isn't boxing!" That's when I know I'm doing it right.

Yeah having made this thread ages ago I've found that that really works for me, the other thing that really has helped is keeping a high tempo and trying to close the distance quickly. I also like to fake kicks to throw but don't do that regularly otherwise it gets a bit predictable. Phone Post

At my gym we alternate between boxing sparring and muay thai sparring everyday so I get to improve my boxing, while keeping it fresh in my mind what works for muay thai or not. For me personally I stand in the muay thai square stance when in kicking range and change to a boxing stance if I'm rushing in with punches. But at the end of the day, the best thing to do is just to spar both a lot and you'll figure it out.

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