Using illicit drugs

Using illicit drugs to enhance performance.

Ok guys, where do you stand on this arguement? I used to be against it, but now I think its turned me into an mma beast. I got this buddy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy that got me a really good deal on this Columbian stuff. I started snorting it, and I'm really good now. Much better than I was without drugs. I almost killed a guy with hammer fists. But since I started last week, I've lost 15 kilos and have no appetite, and by the end of next week I expect to lose another 10 kilos.
Since I'm naturally a heavyweight, what should I do to avoid cutting to welterweight? Or is this simply another benefit of using drugs to enhance performance?



my advice to you is quite simple, "Hold your breath" and keep holding until i stay stop.

Very simple "Lake", just keep driking beer, it is full of useless calories that will ensure that you don't drop any weight classes.  You just need to make sure that you just never stop drinking.  You need to carry a case with you wherever you go.

Good Luck.


100 % agree with Elvis....

and here are some other sports YOU should do while drunk...

1/ base jumping

2/ down hill skiing

3/ rock fishing

oh, and don't waste time with safety gear.... that's for pussies.

My Uncle died of obesity.

You're a dick!