USKBA Amateur Sanctioning in NY

The USKBA will be back in New York sanctioning amateur events. The first amateur event will be "NEW YORK SHOWDOWN 6" to be held on Saturday, January 24, 2004 at NYKK GYM, located at 43 West 24th Street, 3rd Floor, in New York City. For information, call 212-242-2453. This event will be an all amateur San Shou/San Da event.The USKBA is working on a program to sanction at least one amateur event in New York each month. These events are being coordinated with full cooperation with the New York State Athletic Commission and in full compliance with NY State law. Under this cooperation, we are working on Full Contact Kickboxing, San Shou/San Da and Muay Thai amateur events in New York.Any AMATEUR fighters who would like to appear on these events should e-mail and provide suitable information to be considered. Any promoters who would like to schedule an amateur USKBA Sanctioned event in New York should e-mail ACTION SPORTS

ttt. great to see it.

hopefully, amateur mma is not far behind. *crosses fingers*