USLESS chokes EPSTEIN unconsious

Usless chokes (RNC) Epstein unconcious today at Nevertap, took about 20 seconds 1st round. other cool matches=Mayhem Miller wins by heel hook 3rd round with like 5 seconds left, Steve Magneldo beats Bill Cooper by points in an action packed match, Jeff Glover beats Brian Peterson by points in a great match, Sim Go wins by choke against a Brazilian from Paragon. Lots of good stuff =) lots of MMA fighters present..Chris Brennan, Jeremy Jackson, Tyrone Glove. fuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.




sounds good. what belt is jeff glover these days?

how did dave jacobs do?

Glover is brown belt i believe.


mma fight or bjj pajama party?

Neither. It was a submission match. Very impressive win for useless.


congrats Useless

congrats useless,it looks like you and jordan in a superfight lol,keep it up

I haven't talked to him yet. WHAT KIND OF CHOKE????

Ezekiel I heard.

I was there for 3.5 minutes. Long enough to get the DVD from the first one. Only saw one match and we were gone

big win

Whos next, Hoschak?

OMA is shitting in his pants

Did Epstein have a note from his mother?

LOL @ seg.  I wonder how many on here will get that joke?

Did Epstein have a note from his mother?

It took me a while and I am that old.