Usman, Diaz, Maia, Thompson, MacDonald fights

Can't remember the last time a handful of WW fights were booked that I wanted to see as much as these five given the ten fighters involved.

Ruth and MVP also have fights booked with tough fighters.

Ponzinibbio out vs Lawler sucks and it sucks that Magomedkerimov is out too.

Hopefully Nate vs Masvidal still happens but I'm looking forward to the Usman, Maia, Thompson and Rory fights just as much so whatever.

Pretty damn good weekend for the division

Ruth vs Jackson tonight.

Salikhov vs Staroppoli and Askren vs Maia in the morning and Rory vs Lima II tomorrow night.

Ruth Jackson was a good fight, Jackson should have got the UD though.

Daley also fighting Awad tonight.

Salikov up now.

Cool to see another sanda killer in the UFC.

Ruth vs Jackson, Salikhov vs Staroppoli, Maia vs Askren all delivered. Daley vs Awad and Rory vs Lima II.

This weekend really highlights a high level of skill and ability at WW and a deep talent pool.