Usman Nurmagomedov, Parnasse, Christian Lee are such outliers in terms of age

Boxing has been shit on forever and a day for this and they only have like 4 “main” titles.

How many belts can possibly be “prestigious”?

Guess how many are prestigious is somewhat subjective. Well they are all not equally prestigious as most people won’t consider you the world champ unless you become the UFC champ but they still consider it a pretty good accomplishment to win the other titles.

I’m not even here saying its a perfect setup for the sport, I’m just saying the young fighters have all done something impressive in winning and defending the titles.

Did you see Usman defend his LW title last night? Still just 24, impressive to defend the second most prestigious LW title that way regardless of how you feel about the system of promoter’s titles in MMA.

Being the best of whatever you’re a part of is never a bad thing.

Hopefully most if not all (unlikely) can fight together somehow someday. One umbrella seems unlikely, maybe sharing will come around a bit more.

Just watched Usman Pitbull. Pitbull had fucking nothing for Usman. Is Usman one of the most complete fighters right now?

Of course he is.

I hope Usman doesn’t waste his time in Bellator. Move on over to the UFC already