Usman wants to remain active

The guy comes across super lame but he is a beast of a fighter. He wants to stay active and wipe out the division. He reminds me of a Jon Jones back when he wiped out 205 but never got credit because he acted like a tool. If we focused just on the talent than Usman is incredible. He could take down anyone in that division but is out there knocking guys out and wants to fight a few more times this year. The UFC needs a champ like that.

The three africans are all must see in the cage.

Remember back in the day, boxers like Chavez Sr would fight a big matchup, and then every month or so wipe out a no-hoper in between the big fights?

That’s one of the things I miss. Now if a champ fights 3 times a year it’s like “Whoa, this guy is a workhorse”, but we’re literally missing out on most of their fighting prime. Guys have good 4-5 year runs, and we get to see them about 6 or 7 times in that run. I’d much rather see 16 fights even if only 1/3 of them are real threats.

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The kid has legit talent , skills & is athletic AF !
I’ve warmed up to him a little bit. He looks better every fight

Hope he doesn’t try to dodge Colby. It’s his next biggest fight in terms of challenge and PPV buys. Yet he wants to give the next shot to the British guy.

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Colby the guy whose jaw he broke?

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