UT2004 OGers

How many of you have it? My name is RoCkThEgAnJ so if you play put your name here and Ill add you to my buddy list. Getting bored owning everyone I play in deathmatch and onslaught (not as much in CTF though).

Dude, I'm still playing through on single player. Once I get good enough that I can beat the idiotic bots, then I'll venture on line, until then amigo...

well hurry up mang!

you fuckers suck.

My name is [XvX]Undead I play just about every day

I play as Chris on Cain's Lair, which is the only 32 player I have found that dosn't lag.

Dameon you are now in my buddy list.

whats the IP tsuneo?

dunno just use the in game server browser and list them by number of players. It is always somewhere near the top.

do you know the name of it? I have a pretty good amount of 32 person servers in the 60-120 range.

Yes the name for it is Cain's Lair.

I just got banned from it though because my house mate kept shouting obscenities down voice chat.

Ill go onto the forum later and see if I can sweet talk my way back in.

lol, ok.

Alrgiht, Im back on now and I didn't even have to kiss anyones ass. I just tried logging back on and it let me, which is strange cos Im sure it said I was permanently banned. I guess UT can't track my dynamic IP, but you would have figured they'd ban your CD key.

sweet, that is a nice server too. Is your game name Tsuneo as well?

alrighty I'm playing on there occasionally as well, it is a pretty sweet server.

I'm meifumado, please be gentle, I suck.

no its Chris

My player name is Mike_Shank

I've had it about 2 weeks now and still get owned pretty easily. All I've been playing is onslaught so far.


I have a question, how the hell do you destroy the leviathan?

Use the raptor, but you basically need to get everybody shooting at it at once. 4 guys with vehicles can take one down pretty quick

I grabbed the leviathan on a server that only had a few players and one guy destroyed it! This guy was pissing me off (a real leviathan whore), but I couldn't figure out how he did it.

fuck the raptor, I am a manta master. I have killed a leviathan single handedly a couple times before. Admittedly, there was usually only one guy in it (when all 5 turrets are manned it can be a pain in the ass to take it on by yourself) but I avoided his rockets pretty easily and eventually wore him down.

Otherwise try and get a whole shitload of people to attack it at once. And make every effort to keep the fucker from deploying the ion cannon.