Utah Fighters

Looking for Pro Fighters from the Utah Area. I will be holding Regular events at Sky Ute Casino near the 4 courners area in Colorado. Also Pro-AM Events in Las Vegas NV at the Orleans Arena. you can reach me at 407-739-4270 or cordeiro75@gmail.com

Chris, There are a ton of fighters around here. Most of the fighters either hit the Ultimate Combat forum (http://www.ucombat.com/forum/default.asp ) or they have friends who hit the forum.

You might also want to contact the local promoter Mike Stidham. Mike may not want to work with you if your competing directly with him but the two of you may be able to work something out . . . especially if you have some quality guys you can send up to his show in an exchange of sorts. Anyway, Mike's email address is ultimatecombat@ultimatecombat.com

And you might find the contact information on my site ( http://www.maximumg.com/schools.cfm ) if you want to contact the individual schools in this area directly.

Good luck

Good luck

thanks so much

Chris hit up Adam Legas as well, or Jeremy Horn. You can find Jeremy at hornselite.com and Legas at throwdownetc.com