Utah MMA promoter convicted of felony assault

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                                Utah MMA promoter convicted of felony assault

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A state court judge on Wednesday convicted mixed martial arts fight promoter Mike Stidham of felony assault.

Stidham’s co-defendant, Salvador Sanchez, also was convicted by 3rd District Judge Ann Boyden, who presided in the bench trial requested by the two men. The third-degree felonies carry a possible prison sentence of up to five years, but both men are likely to ask for probation only.

Boyden said the men’s assault of a bouncer during a brawl at Southern X-posure strip club in South Salt Lake was an unreasonable use of force.

"Contrary to the argument of the defendants, there is a limit in the law of the reasonable force that can be used," she said.

Another co-defendant, Aaron Sawyer, 31, pleaded guilty before the trial to misdemeanor assault. He plans to ask for probation when Boyden sentences him on Feb. 7. Both he and Sanchez are MMA fighters.

The trial had implications for MMA in Utah. Stidham runs the state’s biggest promotion, the Ultimate Combat Experience, which hosts sanctioned fights around the state weekly. The director of the state’s athletic commission had said it would review Stidham’s license if he were convicted.

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suprised it didn't talk about how the promoter is an ex police officer. seriously though, a felony for a fight that the other guy started? wtf...


Or why he lost his job as a police officer. That will make this story even worse. Everything is bound to catch up to you. Phone Post

The Motor -  Or why he lost his job as a police officer. That will make this story even worse. Everything is bound to catch up to you. Phone Post


Its Utah for crying out loud, that's not even a real state.

He was accused of raping a young girl by his police training organization and cant find work now because they tell everyone.

Odd coincidence I found, there is another ex cop named Stidham that also raped a kid and got busted. Wonder if they are brothers.

Wow! I had no idea Mike was in trouble for felony assault. He puts on pretty decent local shows, has a tv show late at night that shows those fights, and has supported the MMA scene in Utah for a long time. Hope his show doesn't go under.

On the flip, he is a sleazy guy. Not surprised by the felony assault or the girl raping.

More proof that MMA should be banned everywhere!

 Has he been to court for pulling his dick out in the bar?

May the Justice System prevail. His license should be removed if the felony conviction stands which in turn should yield a better promoter.

Saw this coming. Stidhams show hasn't been relevant in Utah MMA for a few years now. All the quality gyms refuse to allow their fighters to fight on his show. It's mostly untrained brawlers. Phone Post

I've met him a few times. Trained with him briefly at a seminar. Seemed like a nice guy to me.