Utterly pathetic policing!

Ongoing live event. Cops are afraid to engage with a suspect who’s in disabled vehicle.

Nonsense like this just enforces the idea that shitbags can evade, resist, stall and do whatever they please because cops are afraid to get hands on.

cops are afraid to be hands on because of the inevitable consequences for being hands on with people screaming RACISM


Yep, now that one guy keeps about 20 cops unavailable to respond to other emergencies.

They should just have a social worker go talk to him.

They’ve already had negotiator try to make contact at least twice. Dude is not complying. He’s just vaping and chilling. He knows he has the upper hand, basically the cops are playing his game at this point.


They should just have a social worker go talk to him.

What we’ve been seeing is the next step forward, because of the BLM pro-riot, pro-criminal, anti-victim policies and agenda, which is a significant shortage of police officers in the massive patrolling areas where they have been vilified, attacked and condemned. Why would anyone of any race want to be an officer in these areas? The police that are there are retiring or leaving to less hostile communities that appreciate them. In turn the standards are being lowered in an effort to staff. The police that are left have been made impotent.

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Yep, a weak police force is exactly what the far left wants and BLM morons are just pawns in their game.


Cops are still standing around. Perp is in full control.

Now some Asian dude who can barely speak English is giving press conference…

What a disaster…


“Suspected dui driver”? He’s been sitting in the car for almost four hours, that dui charge will not go anywhere.

Also, the agg assault on peace officer charge won’t go anywhere, he barely touched the cop car.

He is probably finishing his bag of coke or meth.

4 hours later they finally throw a cannister in there and here he pops right out.