Oh I see.

They weren’t sure if there were kids in a school or not

happy reno 911 GIF by Comedy Central

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Why do all police officers in Uvalde wear colostomy bags?

Its because theyre all gutless!

They should all be forced to get tattoos on their forehead saying “I’m a sniveling coward”.

I wonder how is the town reacting to this?

“Do you know why i pulled you over this evening ?”

“Because your a fucking coward when it comes to protecting children and only feel safe being an over rated tax collector”

“Have a good evening”

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This is a situation where I would welcome massive federal overreach.

It wouldnt be overreach to indite the entire dept. And it definitely should not come from the feds, this should be handled by the county sheriff.

Whole departments get shut down for several reasons, the sheriff departments generally take over those duties.

It’s only a six man department, so it wouldn’t be hard.