UVM Tournament Results

Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend at our tournament. We had 62 competitors from 14 different schools in Montreal, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. A big thank you to all of the teams especially GAMMA and West Island JJ (Rene and Georgia you guys rock!) that came and supported this event.

Thank you to HCK www.howardliu.com for providing us with a great kimono as the main prize of our purple and blue belt absolute.

Please send any digital pics you have to uvmbjj@yahoo.com so we can post them. Thanks.

I apologize in advance for all misspelled names.

Individual Results

Women's Division
1st Aoife Heaslip - UVM
2nd Katie Gudmundsen - LaClair/Harris Int
3rd Deanna - BTT/GAMMA

White Belt 149 and under
1st Mathieu Zummo-Saucy - West Island JJ
2nd John Peterson - UVM
3rd Rob Sheldon - BJJ Revolution VT

White Belt 149 - 165
1st Matt Bond - UVM
2nd Bur Church - UVM
3rd Jonathan Asselin - BTT/GAMMA

White Belt 165 - 180
1st Christian Dietzel - AMMA/Elite BJJ
2nd Michael Goulet - BTT/GAMMA
3rd Everton Borges - BTT Boston

White Belt 180 - 195
1st Ben Chan - UVM
2nd David Clements - UVM
3rd John Shank - LaClair/Harris Int

White Belt 195.1 - 211
1st David Parker - LaClair/Harris Int

White Belt 211+
1st Jonathan Heunis - NYMAG
2nd Brian Lawless - Tim Burrill BJJ
3rd Derek Williams - UVM

Individual Results

Blue Belt 149 and Under
1st Ord Millar - West Island JJ
2nd Greg Seohoge - West Island JJ
3rd Chris Lundberg - BJJ Revolution VT

Blue Belt 149 - 165
1st Anthony Casella - West Island JJ
2nd John Marking - UVM
3rd Steve Robitaille - Tim Burrill BJJ

Blue Belt 165 - 180
1st Andrew Garai - NYMAG
2nd Ryan Conroy - Mass BJJ
3rd Philloppo Girand - BJJ Revolution Montreal

Blue Belt 180 - 195
1st Louis Barrios - Victory BJJ
2nd Daniel Obregon - BJJ Revolution VT
3rd Yuichi Nagahama - Mass BJJ

Blue Belt 195.1 - 211
1st Co-Champions
Phil Meyer - Boston BJJ
Manny Andrade - Boston BJJ

Blue Belt 211+
1st Efstrasios Saraderos - Boston BJJ
2nd Philip Segal - BTT/GAMMA

Individual Results

Purple Belt+ 149 and under
1st Nobuya Shimamoto - BJJ Revolution Montreal

Purple Belt+ 149 - 165
1st Rich Arone - Mass BJJ
2nd Nobuya Shimamoto - BJJ Revolution Montreal

Purple Belt+ 165 - 180
No Competitors

Purple Belt+ 180 - 195
1st Steve Medina - Boston BJJ
2nd Paul Georgieff - UVM
3rd Trevor Sargent - NYMAG

Purple Belt 195 - 211
1st Jay Mansfield - Boston BJJ
2nd Matt Santos - Tim Burrill BJJ
3rd Larry Hall - BJJ Revolution VT

Absolute Division
1st Matt Santos - Tim Burrill BJJ
2nd Paul Georgieff - UVM
3rd Breno Olivieria - BTT Boston

School Competiton Standings

1st Place UVM Catamount Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 22 points, 16 Competitors

2nd Place Boston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 14 points, 5 Competitors

3rd Place West Island Jiu Jitsu 11 points, 6 Competitors

4th Place Tim Burrill Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 8 points, 5 Competitors
4th Place Gelinas Academy Mixed Martial Arts/BTT 8 points, 7 Competitors
5th Place New York Martial Arts Gym/Gene Simco 7 points, 3 Competitors
6th Place Mass BJJ 6 points, 4 Competitors
6th Place LaClair/Harris International 6 points, 3 Competitors
6th Place BJJ Revolution Team Montreal 6 points, 2 Competitors
7th Place BJJ Revolution Team Vermont 5 points, 5 Competitors
8th Place Victory BJJ 3 points, 1 Competitor
9th Place AMMA/Elite BJJ 3 points, 1 Competitor
10th Place BTT Boston 2 points, 2 Competitors
11th Place Modern Self Defense/Harris Int 0 points, 2 Competitors

Once again, very well organized, excellent ref'ing, and awesome competition overall!

Pics are up here


Rene, How is Anthony doing?

Looks like a strain, not a tear, which is good. Hopefully his mutant healing factor will kick in :)

Great to hear. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from all the guys at Catamount.


Lost and Found: We found some things at the tournament. Identify what you lost and paypal me some shipping and you will get it back. If no reply, you'll see it on ebaby in a week and you can get it that way.

Chris Owen