UWF-Snakepit and geography info


I finally found the page for UWF-Snakepit, Snakepit Hooker Billy Robinson, UWF through UWFi pro-wrestler Shigeo Miyato, and UWFi Muay Thai trainer Makoto Ohe's gym. If anyone here trains there (I heard the current KOP, Josh did, in an interview with Zach Arnold, but I wonder do any of the peeps on the forum do, also), does anyone know if Tatsuaki Nakano or any other past UWF workers train there asides from Yoshihiro Takayama who does ocassionally?

Also, on the goods page,
http://www.uwf-snakepit.com/goods.html, on the far right in the shipping section, it says, Chukoku on the left column. there it lists prefectures in the area that it ships to, specifically, Yamaguchi, Tottori, and Okayama. Chukoku is China though. Does it mean Japan has ceded those places to the good ole PRC?:) Or is there a region called Chukoku in Japan?

Correct me if im wrong,but Chuugoku is China.

Gunjin, thats what i said. Im really befuddled that theres a Chugoku in Japan. Especially with my family being from the original Middle Kingdom.

those are all bad ass t's