UWF/UWFi fans - help out

Most UWF/UWFi matches were pure works, but a select few were either real or instances where one person went shoot on the other. Anyone help me make a list of these? These are some that I think might be correctUWF The Professional Bout
Akira Maeda vs. Gerard Gordeau
Caesar Takeshi vs. Paryhap Premchai

UWF May History 1st
Akira Maeda vs. Chris Dolman

UWF U-Cosmos
Yoji Anjo vs. Changpuek KiatsongritUWF The Memorial
Leon Vrij vs. Yoji Anjothoughts?

I think the Billy Scott/James Warring match might have been a shoot from 12/22/91. Takada/Trever Berbick also....same night as above. also, perhaps Tamura/Matthew Saad Muhammed....not sure of date though