V.Klitschko vs C.Sanders Sat night


SATURDAY APRIL 24@ 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT

Vitali Klitschko battles Corrie Sanders for the world heavyweight championship title vacated when Lennox Lewis retired in February. Klitschko's last appearance at the Staples Center, in June 2003, was a memorable hard-hitting battle against Lennox Lewis.

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can't wait for the fight. Should be a good one

Since my Wife became ill I have been unable to follow boxing as close as I want to. This fight will be pretty good since Vitali has put some fire back in his attitude and Corrie shocked a lot of people with his lead fisted previous performance when he claimed he was just a "golf bum."

I look forward to hearing more.

I think Vitali will step up and put a beating on Sanders.

Wlad, while technically better, has no chin and less heart than his bro.

hmeboy, I think the opposite; that Vitali is the
technically superior one.

People said Vitali had no heart and then he went big against Lewis. Hard to say with these brothers which identity will show up.

big win for Vitali....his right hand is the sweetness....Corrie Sanders took alot of punishment but stayed on his feet......Vitali wins by TKO Rd. 8....new WBC Champ!!!

Saw this one on the big screen at Schanks.

I've only see bits of this fight so far but Corrie took some serious punishment and kept coming back. kudos.

Sanders is like 38, nice inspiration to the old guys, huh?`

Ugly, crappy fight.

I will say that Klitschko fought a smart fight and moved well for most of the fight -- defensively impressive when he wasn't trading. He also took some solid shots on the button, regrouped and carried on. That being said, shouldn't jabs pretty much enter and leave in a straightish line? Seemed like every time he jabbed, he was dropping his hand right after -- looked more like pawing. I just kept imagining a quicker man coming in after that jab with a looping hook...

Where're the snappy jabs, the combinations, the body work? I understand he didn't want to trade with Cory, but what body work he did do was all but ineffective and not combined. Body shots looked like a karate point sparring session.

And Sanders? Since when is it so laudable to enter the ring in horrible condition, only to pray for the puncher's chance? I wasn't impressed with how long he lasted -- he wasn't even in the fight! Want to impress me? Show up ready to go! Put some time into your road work so you can fight more than one round.

And this was a championship match-up?

Take a look at early Tyson fights, or some of the earlier Tapia or Ray Leonard fights if you want to see champions fighting championship fights. I'd like to see Klitchko fight a Tua or some other tank who not only can take a punch but can deliver and actually shows up to fight. He gets past someone like that, which I hope he will, and I'll be impressed.

My 2 cents, flame away

Corrie claims he's a golf bum for pete's sake.

In any case I blame Chris Byrd for starting this trend at slapping/pawing jabs.