V&M Gears

I think I've seen a thread abt Hunter fightgears and stuff but I couldnt retrieve it again..Just wondering if there is any place that sells Vitamins & Minerals gears in Australia? Thanksfor any info!


I think Cam Rowe that posts on the forum would be a good contact for V&M.



Thanks guys!

Cam is at cdrowe@deakin.edu.au



What gi's can Cam get?

what are you after? Let me know and I will get back to you.



mmagear.com baby,...free shipping!! Reasonably priced too.
- Juggs

not sure if you're after V&M or Hunter, but you may want to give Rob Williams (in Melbourne) a buzz, he stocks a pretty big range of Hunter stuff e.g., rashies, fight shorts etc.

His contact details are at the Ground Zero Website i.e. gzbjj.com

Yes baby!!!! Shirts range around $30 AUS.
(No I don't work for them....just buy alot of their gear)
- Juggs

We ship worldwide. Team Casca Grossa
For All your fight needs!


V&M, FCF gear and more...

mmagear has a x-mas special on at the moment and they ship REAL fast..got mine in 3 days! Good price too at the moment with the dollar doing OK.
- Juggs

Free shirt's pretty good but the GRACIE mag ya get is in Portugese (sp?). Can't complain thou with free stuff!! MMAGEAR rules!
- Juggs