VA Lt. Gov 2nd Rape Accuser Comes Forward

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Sandy Pantz - He did it, I am 100% sure

I’m for letting the facts come out... but this is way worse than kav. 

If one girl has regrats about sleeping with a dude.. and cries rape to save her reputation, or save a boyfriend from finding out she cheated, or maybe she’s embarrassed it’s a one night stand etc. Then maybe the guy has a case and it was consensual. 

But 2 girls (& one with contemporaneous notes )  alleging the same thing...

You don’t have to believe all women.. but it sounds like these 2 are credible

but again.. let’s hear all the facts  


You have to give it time.  You notice with Kavenaugh he has already had several recant their accusations.  (The gang rape line, the touch my penis at the frat party incident, and the woman who flat out admitted to lying).  I think CBF is the only standing accusation he has left, and there is absolutely no evidence to support it. 

Yep. I agree 

although the emails from this 2Nd accuser are not good for him 

and yes... the notes from Ford would be damning too. If anyone could ever put them in the same room together 

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I will reserve judgment until I get a look at his high school yearbook. 

He's in blackface in all his pics