Vaccine passport bill dead in CA

Hope for humanity remains.


That bill died in CA? That’s awesome news but honestly kind of confusing. I figured they’d be foaming at the mouth to turn something like this into law.


Wish Kiley had more support during the recall.

If the places with it could just crumble in revolt!

Think of the HUGE breach of what “used to be normal”: inner passport to enter restaurants, gyms, etc. Constant showing of identity, control, proof, etc. What a DANGEROUS precedent.

Thank god the people of California finally won one for freedom


They voted down gay marriage too but was overturned… the will of the voters means nothing in Cali…


Same with the death penalty.


IMO, they’re doing damage control before the recall. They don’t want to do anything that will motivate the recall side even more than it already is. And vaccine mandates is not just a conservative issue in California. There are plenty of lefty anti-vaxxers who even hate proven vaccines, much less these experimental Covid jabs. A mandate might tip them into the recall camp too.


It means something when there is recall vote / sword of Damocles dangling over the head of the California Democratic party’s golden boy governor.

Still not moving or visiting that shithole but good on them.

Now elect Larry!

exactly this

Hopefully it still sticks. As reading this thread, it seems they had overturned the will of the people a few times before…

I live in the second most populous county in FL; people here vote 65%-70% democrat. Most of the people I know are democrats. I know far more people who are democrats that have said they will not take the vaccine than republicans. It amaze me that the media keeps implying it’s just old white males who are refusing the vaccine. It is not, by a long shot.


… and that’s without even taking into account the biggest antivax racial demographic. Somehow, the party of diversity and inclusion always manages to completely ignore that the least vaccinated racial demographic is black people, not whitey. What they fail to understand is that working class folks, REGARDLESS OF RACE, do not trust edicts from on high, and really get their backs up when ivy league educated media/politicians try to shame them or mandate their behavior.

They don’t understand that folks aren’t laughing AT this skit, they are laughing WITH the skit because they know guys like Doug are far more representative of working class whites, and have far more in common with working class blacks, than the race hustlers would have us believe.


yep. Its easy to believe because the initial anti vaxers, who are against traditional vaccines (which many non covid vaxers are not), are progressives/new age lefties. There are a lot of people from both sides of the spectrum who are hesitant