Vaccine Possibly Causing Heart Issues in Young People


so you’re telling me young people are getting a shot that might be permanently damaging their heart in response to a sickness that won’t hurt them?

Makes sense.


I still can’t find somebody to explain to me why younger people need the vaccine. One good reason please.


Classic Chuck!!! Good call

Fucking sick this society


Did you read the article

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No one “needs” the vaccine but if you are a young fatty then it’s probably a good idea so covid doesn’t hit you hard.

Also depending on ethnicity it might be a good idea. It has been awhile since I looked at the data but the native Americans in New Mexico were getting hit hard across all age groups by covid. It was by far the worst I remember seeing for an ethnic group.

The president of America says we “need” it. When joe Rogan said young people don’t need it he got put on the front page of media sites for people calling him out on saying it. I’m far from fat but a lot of people at work and stuff keep harassing me about a vaccine.


lol @ anyone under 50 happily putting that bullshit in them.

just a big LOL


So… A bunch of young people that didn’t have heart problems before, got the vaccine and now are having problems - but let’s not blame the vaccine. Fuck that. More reason to say no.


Literally not what the article said. You just read the headline and nothing more.

The Department of Defense said last month that it is looking into 14 cases of possible myocarditis in people who were vaccinated by the military.

The CDC noted that the rates of Myocarditis in young adults following the COVID-19 vaccine “have not differed from expected baseline rates.”

Some doctors and health experts have also argued that COVID-19 can cause Myocarditis and other heart damage, but this link is still being studied.


Isn’t that all I’m supposed to read in this day and age?

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I’ve seen many commercials pushing for 12-15 year olds to get vaccinated. I don’t recall ever hearing anything regarding that age and covid.

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Doesn’t help much when the news calls it a ‘life saving vaccine’.

That said I don’t see a reason for young healthy people to be vaccinated especially considering the virus is not completely stopped by the vaccine. If it actually stopped transmission then that would be different.

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It’s pretty fucking sad…

These politicians are scaring kids enough that they got this experimental bullshit in record numbers. And it’s killing some of them (and this is just the start…).

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This is talked about in matelo1 thread. He says it’s mild and reversible and that they’re monitoring it.

Honest Drs admit this is from the vaccine. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse than this

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OG retards gonna retard

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Good thing I decided to wait and discuss it with my doctor. I already have heart issues. Don’t need more.


Not true for the people that died…