Vaccine Possibly Causing Heart Issues in Young People

Latest studies are showing the spike protein cause problems all on it’s own, even while using a pseudo virus.

Are you stating that these studies are lying?

This is why vaccines usually take 7 to 15 years to get approved. Not six months.


In other words: cynicism, but no substantive reply. And of course you ignored that my post didn’t simply rely on Walensky, but noted other studies (e.g. recent German), and that various studies are ongoing and the problem undecided.

Oh, wait, now it’s time to do that instead of just outright claiming “that’s what the vaccine does?”
What a novel idea whose time has come. :wink:

Oh yes, that certainly must be an intellectually honest assessment of what I argued. After all, this is what I said:

Your characterization of my arguments is about as reliable as your characterizations of the vaccines and the dangers.

“Almost zero percent” and “rare” or “<0.1%” are basically the same thing.

You’re flat out lying at this point.

Not only lied but doubled down on it.

Other scientists have found a link between the vaccine, heart inflammation, and myocarditis.

So I’m going to guess that Rochelle Walensky is going to do all she can to protect her financial interests.

I’ll trust real scientists over Rochelle Walensky any time and day.

Lol. Propaganda machine.

Can’t go outside until Rochelle tells us we can go outside.

I would also say that fatality numbers provided by the CDC are flat out wrong.

A meta-analysis of infection fatality rates covering 27 studies covering 34 geographical locations show and IFR of 0.002% at age 10 and 0.01% at age 25.

My specific words were “almost zero percent” and not “zero percent” as intentionally misrepresented by the prof.

Then, after trying to intentionally misrepresent the dialogue, he provides a IFR of <0.1% which makes the fatality rate actually appear much higher than it actually is when taking into consideration all the other studies that have been done on the subject.

Not even the point really as the point was really about how the spike protein, even when attached to a pseudo virus, led to blood clotting, bleeding, and inflammation.

So when a forum member’s mom has experienced “brain fog” after receiving the vaccine, it is most likely that the spike protein crossed the blood-brain barrier and caused and inflammation of the brain.

Hopefully it’s something that will go away in time rather lead to an early onset of ALS or something worse.

Because no long term study has been done to observe any of it.

According to this the problem is a vaccine normally stays in the area it is injected. These spike proteins are traveling around the body and doing damage to the heart, brain etc. this guy is a dr at a university in Canada, Guelph. I am not a scientist or doctor. He explains why all the heart issues.


You are right: I did in fact misrepresent what you said about “zero percent.” I misread what you wrote -"almost zero percent " as “zero chance.” Sorry about that.

However, that’s been only part of the conversation. I think everything else I wrote about your characterizations stand in terms of being misleading. And also doing exactly what you say I did to you, changing my acknowledging young people dying of covid as “rare” in to saying I’m claiming “teenagers are somehow at a high risk to die from COVID.”

So it sounds like the vaccines are more dangerous for these teens than simply getting Covid would have been… interdasting!

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