Vaccine reactions - remedies?

Son having crazy symptoms for days now. I’m encouraging him to go see a doctor but not sure doctors would attribute any of it to the vaccine.
Also don’t know it if it’s related to the vaccine

Second moderna shot was 2-3 weeks ago.
Fatigue and itchy face. He’s constipated and seasonal allergies flairing up despite taking Claritin and Benadryl. Never been close to this bad for him.

Do we know what people with crazy symptoms after the vaccine have been doing for them with success? Regardless of if attributed to the vaccine by medical professionals.

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Ever seen Old Yeller?


Not sure where you live but seasonal allergies have been particularly horrific this year in the Northeast. Saw really bad reactions in the ER (in both vaccinated and non-vaccinated)


No answers but hoping your son gets well soon.

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OP has he started to show a greater interest in other men? I heard that’s a very common side effect, but there’s no cure other than prayer.


None that I’m aware of

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Steal his phone and look at his search history. If you see in there… well, at least you know for sure.

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Get him to a doctor!

Only took 7 people and a doctor before we got there…

He’s 22 and stubborn, but sure was quick to get the vaccine!

Does he vape?


Well not sure about the rash but for sure he’s gay.

Even if the vaccine is to blame, rare reactions like the ones he is having, or the strokes that some are having, or even death, are to be expected with an experimental medication. They are rare, when you consider how many vaccines have been administered. Also, consider that if enough people suffer and/or die from vaccine reactions, their sacrifice will be rewarded with safer vaccines for those who are still alive. He will be a martyr, in a sense. I hope this makes you feel better, and remember, if he dies, it doesn’t mean the vaccine is unsafe. We’re all in this together.

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