Vaccine Shedding is a very real thing. John Hopkins U

Mataleo bothering with EY’s idiocy is a real treat

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I didn’t think it was possible myself. But there are over several teams working on this right now. And one trial that has already started.

thanks for admitting that.
I think they are trying to find the lowest common denominator or something in common with all of them to try

but I think with triple mutant strains and what not it won’t catch everything

and they will recommend booster shots

also I am of the school of thought that common cold is good for you. it’ s a workout for the immune system. would you agree or disagree?

For the record,

I like EY. The guy is smart and entertaining. I don’t bother with most of his stuff, but when he writes something that is completely false and easily verifiable, I step in :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m here in the states and other than children, everyone I know is fully vaccinated and anyone can get the vaccine. You can just walk right in. It takes 5min. That’s my frustration. I understood at the beginning myself, but at this point, if people are choosing to not get the Vax, that’s on them. I don’t hate them for not getting it and wouldn’t shame them. What’s the saying? Their body, their choice. But when the rules are reversed and I walked into BJs without a mask, I’d get berated by half of the customers there. I’m fine if a business requires me to wear a mask to go in because I can choose to go to another business that doesn’t. I’m worried that my state, being I’m in a blue state in New England, will start to get OSHA to go after businesses that don’t require masks after the CDC eventually ends up saying masks are no longer needed :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for your reply. I won’t hijack this thread with another mask question. I’m curious about this whole shedding vaccine thing EY mentioned. Is that a real phenomenon?

Looks like they have been at this for awhile. Here is a 2015 article about a self spreading mRNA vaccine in monkeys

Potent immune responses in rhesus macaques induced by nonviral delivery of a self-amplifying RNA vaccine expressing HIV type 1 envelope with a cationic nanoemulsion

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You should read the paper. This universal vaccine would apply to all current and future strains and would have a target that is present in all strains.

As for your theory of the common cold, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve read interesting takes on both sides of the argument.

I agree with you 100%.

I’m in a slightly different category as my dad can’t form antibodies. So I’ll be wearing a mask around him until COVID is practically eliminated. But he’s the exception and I wouldn’t ask society to continue wearing masks just to protect people like him.

Nah. He’s a fuckin dickweed.

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you called me dickweed~~~

that’s goochy

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There’s an old question about the Fermi paradox.
One possiblity is simply that with higher IQ we get too many possibilities to globally screw up. We are really in dire need of a genius emperor who could at least, if true, veto this shit and order executions.


EY, have you seen this? All about this technology and many more current developments. Night vision eye drops, “possession” technology etc

Here’s a good one, in 2015 they tested the self spreading vaccine on an island with 300 rabbits. Also tested a self spreading virus that would sterilize rats. Europe PMC

So random dudes on an a forum know more about this than John hopkins scientist lol that’s amazing

Any chance you can provide links

Everything above is from John Hopkins

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The mentally ill educated (brainwashed) recently changed the definition of herd immunity as well as the definition for vaccine.

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no but will watch.


the vaccine is the chief cornerstone of the great reset.

the fact that people are getting chills, flu like symptoms from the vax lends credence to the self spreading vaccine scheme.
The way it works is THE VACCINE cause you to get COVID… it produces a response, and most likely during this time your body is shedding COVID and the VAX PARTICLES to people around you
that is probably why they said Vaxxed poeple could stop wearing masks… even though there are MANY STRAINS according to the “AUTHORITIES” that are not accounted for by the vax.

this entire thing is one big fat reckless field test.

How sick is society folks?

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