Vaccines being given FDA approval while secretly still remaining on EUA

So seemingly these vaccines will still remain as EUA so that the pharma companies can not be sued for liability.

Which basically means that they are publicly stating they are fully approved but in fact are still 100% in EUA status.

Has this been verified

I heard the official filing of the medical paperwork for the FDA approved drug isnt even the vaccine they are giving people. It’s the same only in name but the chemical make up is different then the drug they are giving out.

as i understand it, the protection given by the EUA doesnt protect the pharma company it protects the FDA.

the PREP act protects the pharma companies.

drugs can also be fully approved for some uses and have EUA’s for other uses, as is the case here.

trump and azar took both of these actions initially btw.

Well Trump obviously needed leverage with the pharma companies to produce the vaccine in the first place

i guess i just dont understand your original point - i dont think the EUA protects the pharma companies as you suggest, i think thats the PREP act, and drugs can have full approval for some uses and EUAs for other uses.

i could be wrong, can you cite the source you got the original info from, maybe there is more to it?

I mean I think the act itself doesn’t matter. The premise here is simple. The FDA authorization is just a front. It’s smoke & mirrors.


if the drugs are secretly being kept on the EUA list (which is public) how did you find out about it? or are you just guessing that might be the case? and if keeping them on the EUA list doesnt actually give the pharma companies any further protection then what difference does it make as to your original post?

You asked me to explain what I explained in the post you replied to.

The FDA authorization doesn’t mean anything if there are other factors which keep it categorically as a EUA

it doesnt keep it “categorically” as anything, for some uses it has full approval, for other uses it can be used under EUA.

either way - neither of those issues effect any protection for the pharma companies, the PREP act does.