Vaccines dont work?


So supposedly 70% of adults are vaccinated (are they lying?)

Of the remaining 30% Scott Gottlieb estimated half had prior immunity.

We know the unvaxxed kids are not dying. (300 or so since last march)

Something is rotten in denmark honeys.


This has always been a virus with high case counts and low death counts. The real questions is hospitalized and long term issues

If the government cared about our health then they would do something about the 2.8 million who die in the US from obesity.


Wow, how is that what you got from the data presented? He’s simply showing the numbers are the same or worse post vaccine as to what they were pre vaccine.


he’s showing 2 numbers, but there is a bigger picture than that. He’s asking a question if the vaxes work or don’t. 2 numbers doesn’t show all the outcomes that I believe should be taken into consideration.

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Both me and my girl got it after our second vax dose. Neither of us ended up needing any medical intervention. I believe it helped me but who the heck knows….

It fucking saved your fucking life goddammit!!! It ain’t no “I believe”, it’s “I thank GOD for the vaccine or I WOULD BE DEAD AND I ALSO AVOIDED MURDERING OTHERS!”. Better get it right.

lol, that’s the mentality of everyone these days.

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So the cases and deaths are essentially the same. I wouldn’t consider that a successful vaccine. I don’t have numbers but hospitalizations seem to be the same and the long term stuff is pure speculation. It’s self reported and people are fucking nuts.

Saw this study today, worth reading:

If vaccinated, the risk of dying is laughably low for most groups, compared to other risks.

Overall (vaxxed and unvaxxed), the risk is still pretty low compared to the flu, although the risk obviously rises with age:


Calm down - not everyone who is jabbed will inherit the kingdom of Science.
That just means there will be more Science left for us who are faithful.

And sending out zinc and high strength D3 supplements to all households.

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They’d shut the border if they were scared… or if they cared.


But what If all the deaths are unvaccinated?

The vaccines have been shown that they don’t stop you from getting or spreading which is a big negative in my opinion.

The big question I have are the vaccinated causing more severe mutations?

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We know from Israel that lots of fully vaccinated are dying.

I believe the vaccines absolutely caused the mutations or at least made them more aggressive. Lots of virologists believe that as well.


the all cause mortality is not correct.

John hopkins created it. Give it a look

Gives your odds of dying from covid based on age , weight and health

I don’t know anyone who has been hospitalized or died of covid. I just found out today that the younger brother of one of my friends just died today of a blood clot in his brain. He was vaccinated, don’t know if it was the vaccine but it’s freaky.

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its almost certain its the vaccine. They are an order of magnitude more dangerous than any vaccine that was pulled from the market for being dangerous.

The VAERS data is clear that blood clots are a serious issue after vaccination. You can do your own search, tens of thousands of cases.

Studies also show that CRP and D-dimer are both elevated for 90 days in 60% of those who get a vaccine for covid.

elevated d dimer is a sign of … blood clots. Big or small.

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lol I’ve thought about getting one of these shitty mRNA vaccines but living in fear of the vaccine is no bueno.

It’s viral immune escape. The vaccines are causing the new variants. I’m guessing soon the virus will mimic human cells, and the body will attack itself in some cases. It’s similar to when your doctor tells you to finish the entire bottle of antibiotics, so no super viruses are born. There was a Nobel winning virologist warning everyone of this in the beginning of the vaccination insanity. Strange thing is Moderna had the patent for the virus and vaccine before it even existed, which would be illegal if we hadn’t entered the twilight zone clown world were in.
You can look it all up on the US patents page. It all begins around 1997. There’s some Pfizer stuff that dates back to the Bush Sr. era.


I’ll have to look into that cause I’m full tinfoil hat at this point…

NOTHING makes any sense now…

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