Vaccines dont work?

Early on they said get the vac to return to normal
Then said get the vax to reduce impacts of Covid
Now they offer enticements/bribes for people to get vax

I’ll wait until the next evolution of this process to determine if I need the vax

I’m legit not well informed on this subject, so this is an honest question,. If vaccines cause variants/mutations, why do we not see regular variants of polio, mumps, measles, HEP-C, etc. pop uo (or do we?)

Or is the problem that not enough people got the vaccine, leaving a breeding ground in the unvaccinated for more mutation?

I’ve read that since we’re in the middle of an active pandemic is the reason. Also Covid can live in animals where it also mutates.

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OP do you have a source for the stats posted? I believe them, I just want to share the data with a couple of my friends who still haven’t realized it’s piss on their leg and not rain.

The vaccines you listed actually prevent the vaccinated person from catching the disease and spreading it. The covid vaccine doesn’t stop you from contracting or spreading the virus.

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Vaccines don’t work,only ivermectin

I heard this as well as natural immunity from previous infections is 27x more effective that the vaccine. I think I believe this


I’ve heard this before as a possible explanation for why older people are more susceptible to COVID-19 - the MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccine wasn’t developed until the 1970s, so most boomers didn’t get it as kids - unless they served in the military after the 1970s, when it was given as part of a series of shots upon induction in which case they would have gotten it around ~18 years of age, or got it prior to some 3rd world travel locations.