VADA Responds To Lorenzo's Comments

VADA contacted Bloody Elbow late Thursday night to provide a response to Fertitta's statements:

To date, commissions have accepted and reviewed our results, irrespective of conducting their own testing. VADA notifies commissions, the ABC, the promoter and the fighter as results are obtained. It is the role of the commission to adjudicate those results. VADA's only role is to facilitate testing and educate the participants.

Unannounced, year-round PED testing of all UFC athletes can be done if the promoter or another entity is willing to fund the program, but it takes considerable time and forethought to have it done correctly, uniformly and fairly. It goes beyond funding. Athletes must have complete knowledge of the program's procedures, policies and results management. Irrespective of funding, few commissions have the manpower to institute a year-round program of all licensees.

When the UFC holds events outside a commission's jurisdiction, they are acting as a third party and adjudicator. We remain available to promotional organizations like the UFC when they hold contests and test athletes where there is no commission. When commissions arrange testing, it should be independent of any specific recommendations by the promotional company.

It's important to keep the discussion at the forefront. This continues to be VADA's goal. Along with our renown scientific director, Dr. Don Catlin, who independently certifies the results, we continue to advise many athletic commissions and physicians worldwide regarding expanding their PED testing protocols.

Both Dr. Flip Homansky, VADA's VP and myself have known Mr. Fertitta for many years. We would be happy to meet with him at any time to detail not only our program, but discuss what VADA and how PED education can be expanded to all the UFC athletes.

It is worth noting that the NSAC and other commissions have dealt with third party drug testing on numerous occasions. The NSAC has a history of dealing with failed VADA drug tests in cases such as Lamont Peterson ahead of his 2012 bout with Amir Khan.


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