Vadim: Fedor was not against signing with the UFC

The president of the World Association of MMA (WMMAA), the honorary president of the Union of MMA of Russia, the president of M-1 Global l Vadim Finkelstein told why the legendary MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko never signed a contract with the UFC.

"He was not against signing the contract, but the UFC is a rigid organization in all respects. It put forward a point on which he was not allowed to perform in Sambo. We did not agree. Because: Fedor is the face of sambo. He himself was surprised: "Why can not I? This is my native sport. What does Sambo have to do with MMA? " Nobody came to meet, and the negotiations ended. Although, if the UFC wanted, Emelianenko would have been with them.

Till now I do not understand, what was the sense. Why was he not allowed to fight once a year? But this is now their policy has changed. Previously it reached the point that you can not go to other people's promotions. You needed almost all the image-rights to convey, to sit and to be afraid of the word to say. But we had a bunch of other offers. If it were not for them, maybe we would have agreed to that," Finkelstein told to

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