Vadim Interview: no DREAM if not for Ishii

 This is an interview with Vadim from 2 days ago.

I am translating this from the following source:

Were there any issues with signing the Ishii fight ?

The main process of negotiation was with the DREAM representatives. Because of that there was not much M-1 involvement. From what I know, everything went smoothly.  Ishii immediately showed interest in this fight which helped speed up the negotiations.

— Who, except Ishii, did you consider as a possible opponent for Fedor, were there such fighters ?

We were interesting especially in Ishii. Lets say this, for the New Years Eve fight we especially wanted the fight with Ishii --- he is an Olympic Champion and this says a lot. His name is famous around the world, he is young and has potential. This is exactly what Fedor needs. We did not want to fight someone, where fans would then say that this is not a worthy strong enough opponent for Fedor and would critique Fedor. Ishii is a serious opponent will get his dream fight at home in the context of a prestigious tournament on New Years Eve.

— Indeed, Ishii's dream is close to reality. To be able to fight in a famous tournament on New Years' Eve and on top of that to fight Fedor, isn't that too much for a young upcoming fighter ?

His youth is an advantage. Hungry for wins Ishii will have additional motiviation. Firstable, he is at ahome, second, he will be fighter Fedor and this is something that he dreamed of when he came to MMA (Ishii mentioned he wanted to fight Fedor after his Judo career), third, he has a chance to go down in history as someone that beat Fedor Emelianenko. If we are to talk about his experience, then I wouldn't be sarcastic about this. His win in Olympic Judo in the absolute weight class --- this is not a random event, but a sign of definitive mastery.

— Before the fight with Monson, Fedor changed his training process somewhat. As a result, we saw that Fedor changed as a fighter, in particular his tactic. What will be training camp for Fedor tihs time, will it be similar to the last one ?

Yes, it will be exactly the same as for Monson. Even before the Ishii fight was announced, Fedor went to Holland, where he is now. Everyone that trains with Fedor notes his improvement. Indeed, his improvement is noticeable and I am sure you saw it too. His Dutch sparring partners wont' be happy about his stay as Fedor's arms and legs are moving fast and explosive now. This makes us happy.

— How long will Fedor be in Holland ? When will he return to Russia and then go to Japan ?

Fedor will come around the 20'th this month, unsure when exactly. After that he plans to go to his wife, which is in Tule, and after that to Stary Oskol.  We didn't yet get the tickets to Japan.  I think we will fly out on Dec 27. A time difference of 5 hours is not a big deal, so one need not be concerned about adaptation issues.

— We can only imagine with what interest Japanese fans will wait for Fedor's arrival. Are there planned meetings with Japanese TV ?

Honestly, I don't know. May be we will make some TV meetings, but as of now we don't know. Do understand, the show itself -- this is the actual big TV event. The japanese are able to create a stunning feeling around the tournament. This is always captivating and interesting. Likely, Fedor will meet TV crew after the fight. But again, we can say this firmly after the fight.

— There is information that Fedor will get 500,000$ for the Ishii fight. This is a solid sum considering the financial problems DREAM has experienced lately.

The sum 500,000$ is incorrect. This is all nonsense. At this moment, for us, the key thing is the level of the opponent, and not how much we get paid.  I can say that if we were unable to agree with Ishii, we wouldn't participate in this tournament. We had concurrent offers with other DREAM fighters, but this is not for Fedor's level, and we didn't want to have a fight with mediocre fighters, taking a step backwards. We want to be taking steps forward and we will follow this in the future.

— So, these steps forward, likely implies that next year will be rich in events. What will that be for Fedor ?

We want to have 3 fights. One in Russia, one in Europe, and one in the USA. We really want to get a rematch with Werdum, but he is locked up in the prison called UFC, and because of that arranging for him to fight Fedor would be very difficult.

Dana White is like a dog on hay -- he neither eats it himself, nor lets the others eat it. There are many other good fighters, whom we are considering. For instance, Josh Barnett. We need to wait for the StrikeForce HW's tournament to end and then we can see how likely it is that we can arrange a fight.   

 Two answers in and I couldn't get through any more of Vadim's bullshit.

Of course that's why they took the fight, because Ishii's a hot young prospect that'll put Fedor back on the right track, not 'cuz he's a name that has looked fairly lackluster comparative to his Olympic pedigree thus far.

some crazy talk from Vadim, that is for sure.


judom - some crazy talk from Vadim, that is for sure.

"Crazy Russians" Phone Post

 I think the repeated mention of a tournament is just a translation thing.

Vadim: "Dana White is like a dog on hay -- he neither eats it himself, nor lets the others eat it."

Uh, no. Very wrong. As wrong as can be.

Dana and the Ferttitas are eating the hay, definitely eating the hay. All the hay in the barn, in fact.

indeed, tournament just means all the fights that take place that night.

Its sickening having to hear Vadim try to convince people that 4:1 Ishii is a viable contender.


Ishii is really a LHW fighter. He just fought a MW, Filho. Also, Brock fought Herring, Frank Mir (twice), Carwin and Cain. These are all good solid fighters.

It is horrible that Fedor's last 1-2 years are wasted on fights like that. Just get to the UFC already and let him fight 3 fights there next year against say Mir, Brock, Cain and see what happens.

RedVexx - 
judom - Its sickening having to hear Vadim try to convince people that 4:1 Ishii is a viable contender.

But your cool with a 3:1 Brock Lesnar being a viable contender to the UFC strap though right?

 Comparing Ishii and Brock and where they were when they took on high-level competition is silly. Lesnar already had a win over Herring and was putting a beating on Mir. He ALSO went on to beat the champion and many pegged him to have the physical tools to do so.

Ishii isn't going to beat Fedor. If you think he has a chance, you've clearly never seen an Ishii fight.

I love Fedor but this fight blows.

 I would have made that thread title a little different.


I made the thread title corresponding to the title in the article, to be as close as possible.

Usually if moderators post it on the main page, they change the title somewhat.

At this point, I am completely lost as to why Fedor does not sign with the UFC or simply say: I am getting old, I will do 2-3 demonstration like fights and then retire.

Either is no problem, but somehow this is in the middle: neither here nor there. I also think if Fedor comes to the UFC and dominates, imagine how good M-1 will look then ? It will bring even further credibility to M-1 later when Fedor returns to it. They can say "former UFC HW champion".

What Fedor / M-1 are doing is fine, but just call the spade a spade, don't try to confuse the public.

My guess is, the 3 losses in a row are mentally damaging. When you get 3 in a row, it is pretty clear to everyone, including M-1/Fedor, that if Fedor comes to the UFC, he won't go 5:0 and then, it becomes a slippery slope. If Fedor loses 2 in a row and gets cut, etc...

Fucking hilarious interview.


 if ishii is a step up then you are a joke as a fighter.

IF Fedor wins the fight, Vadim would be an idiot not to entertain any offer the UFC is willing to offer

And, I wouldn't count on dfw to be chasing him down any time soon.

I am not a huge Fedor fan. But, I would love to see a rematch with Verdum in "the prison that is the UFC"

Vadim is a true human slam pig

Fedor already made a training change going to Holland.

There is only 1 more change left to be made. C'mon Fedor, you know what to do.

 This thread is so, so sad.


sucking the life out of fedors post pride career has been more of a prison for fans than the UFC which continues to grow the sport of mma all while m1 thinks the mma world revolves around 1 man.


Vadim is looking for Barnett?? He is bat-shit crazy. Zuffa won't let Barnett fight Fedor under any circumstances, they would bring him into the UFC just to block that.