Vadim's selfie in a bathrobe in Armani Hotel (pic)

Now that's a boss if I ever saw one!

Normally, vampires can't see their own reflection in the mirror. Phone Post 3.0

Between him and the egg, we missed out on ufc fedor.....boss my buttsack Phone Post 3.0

Gheyyyy Phone Post 3.0

He and the egg are what I see as the personality equivalent of "" (don't go there unless you want to traumatize someone... or prank them with a VERY NSFW gif)

From Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Thewillpower is a website showing a short clip of a naked man wearing a white cap and pair of sunglasses. The guy is also apparently sucking his own &^#$ to demonstrate that, with the power of will, anyone can suck his own. The song in the background is You're a Man by DVDA.