Vale Tudo Japan 2009

damn they're bringing this one back

The rules for the card alone make the event important. While four of the bouts will be contested under standard pro Shooto rules, the final four will feature knees and stomps to the head of grounded opponents, as well as smaller gloves -- a considerable departure from the usual throw pillows that fighters wear in pro Shooto. Additionally, the Takeshi Inoue-Alexandre Franca Nogueira and Takanori Gomi-Tony Hervey fights are scheduled for five five-minute rounds.

too bad they couldn't hook up more international stars

the good old days when some top stars fought in VTJ events

nice, cant wait to see this

this is supposedly Gomi's "last fight in Japan"

Willamy Chiquerim is fighting on the card too against Kenichiro Togashi for the Shooto WW title

i wish a major org would pick up Chiquerim already, the kid is very good

I like it! Classic show.
Although I seem to remember Enson smashing some poor fellow i the back of the head too many times in one of those events, which felt a bit uncomfortable to watch.

knees and stomps? That's pride rules, not vale tudo

Too bad Joe Warren got hurt. I was looking forward to his fight with Rumina Sato.

TTT, on right now =]

 Hells yeah! Thanks for the heads up. this looks like it


1. 62kg (2x5min): Kosuke Eda vs. Makoto Sannai Draw
2. Middle (2x5min): Jung Ming Kang Def. Yoichiro Sato by KO Round 1 2:48
3. Bantam (3x5min.): Mamoru Yamaguchi Def. Jesse Taitano by TKO Round 1 4:41

Welterweight Shooto World Title Fight (3x5min):
4. Willamy Chiquerim Def. Kenichiro Togashi by TKO Round 1 2:05

There is a break and an announcement in JCB hall. On 11/23 ON revolutionary exchanges 3 there are some fights added:

Fights Announced:
Koutetsu Boku 14-6-2 vs. 19-8-6 Koji Oishi
Shiko Yamashita 10-4-3 vs. 18-8-10 Takuya Wada

VTJ-Rule (3x5min):
5. 69kg: Tito Jones Def. Tenkei "Fujimiya" Oda by decision 3-0
6. 63kg: Rumina Sato Def. Corey Grant by TKO Round 1 3:20

Main-Event - VTJ-Rule (5x5min):
7. 65kg: "Lion" Takeshi Inoue Def. Alexandre Franca Nogueira by KO Round 4 2:58
8. 71kg: Takanori Gomi Def. Tony Hervey by Decision 3-0

Thanks for the results, hopefully I can catch this when I get home

like I said Chiquerim has to get picked up by DREAM, Strikeforce, or Sengoku, he looks like a legit LW

Thanks for the results, i am a bit sad :( by Alexandre Pequeno Nogueira very good grappling skills but his oponent Lion" Takeshi was bigger and very good with striking skills 5 rounds was better for him.