Vale Tudo Japan Results Sato badly KOd

VTJ was held this evening in Tokyo. Some great fights went down including what could have been Megumi Fujiis final fight. She defeated Mei Yamaguchi in an exciting back and forth fight. Darrel Montague also picked up a huge win that will likely see him head to the UFC. 

Lastly, Rumina Sato was KOd violently and people close to him say this could be the final straw in his long career. 

Here  is a recap with pics and full results. Enjoy guys.


Damn :( Phone Post

YVES JOCKSTRAP - Damn :( Phone Post

Sad to hear a legend lose like that. Phone Post

Fabes -
YVES JOCKSTRAP - Damn :( Phone Post

Sad to hear a legend lose like that. Phone Post

Terrible shame :-( Phone Post

Congrats to my friend Daryl Montague for a good win. To win a Dec in Japan against Yamaguchi is huge!

Sounds like Horiguchi/Loveland was an awesome fight Phone Post

ufc should sign Horiguchi

UFC Should sign Montague!

Montague, Horiguchi and Mamoru need to be signed by the UFC.

Also add in Doo Ho Choi.

Yea, both of them need to be signed. Horiguchi is tough but he is pretty small for bantam. Wouldn't be shocked to see him end up at 125. Montague should have already been in the UFC. Phone Post

Any video of the fights?

I know the Megumi video is out but any of the rest out yet?

Tokoro is the one who was fighting Sato, right? 

Would love to see Tokoro in the UFC.

That is sad, Sato realistically should have retired a couple years ago

But even more sad is the fact that a legend a pioneer of the sport, arguably the greatest submission artist ever is relatively unknown to most newer fans

Montague will be apart of the UFC roster very soon.

Very sad to see Prater and Loveland taking losses.

Damn, I thought Sato already retired.

Too bad he peaked just before the UFC LW division got up and running.

Sad to here about the Rumina Sato result.

The return of JVT, this year wasn't all bad.