Valencia vs Faber -Tomorrow @ KOTC

Charlie Valencia vs Uriah Faber, tomorrow at KOTC.

The show is at the Apache Gold Casino in Globe City, Arizona.

The is KOTC's most anticipated fight. A battle of the feather weights
go head to head, champion vs champion, D1 wrestler vs D1 wrestler.
Both fighters are squaring off in the cage to settle once and for all,
who's the true Feather Weight Champion of the World.

Charlie Valencia takes on Uriah Faber, challenging him for his belt
Valencia retired the belt two years ago and is back to challenge the
to prove he is he best and gaining the world title once again.

The much bigger and stronger Uriah Faber will defend his title up
against a true champion and true world class wrestler. This will be
test to him proving that he is the best at 45s. Faber has taken on
numerous outstanding warriors at 45s and has been the reigning
champion thus far at KOTC. Tomorrow we'll see if he can hold his
title and defeat the former 3X Feather Weight Champion of the World,
Charlie Valencia.

This show is on live PPV on InDemand, Dish and Satelite.

Tune in or see it live and don't miss MMA at it's finest in the Feather
Weight Division.

Two World Champions colliding for the World Title.

Charlie Valencia vs Uriah Faber!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Joe Camacho


This whole "world champions" is starting to get on my nerves. A guy in South Dakota or North California beats a couple of guys and he is World Champion. Even for marketing purposes, it looks silly. I mean hearing Bruce Buffer calling UFC champions "world champions" kinda gets on my nerves. Even having NBA teams called world champions (after the beatings the U.S.A has had in the past few tournaments) gets on me everytime; but I am willing to allow that obviously they do have a claim there despite National fall-throughs. But "Charlie Valencia vs Uriah Faber" world champions?? hahahahahahahaha; now that I am thinking about it, it's just funny.

Don't know Valencia, but Faber is certainly a world class fighter.

KOTC is a world class org... nevermind.

I even doubt that. Who has he beat? He is not even on sherdog.

Hey KOTC maybe a world-class org no doubt about that, but so are many others orgs. That doesn't make their champions, world champions.

Really I was trying to get him on sherdog and still can't. Maybe I mis-spelled his name. Why would I trol about that?
And I still seem not to be able to get it. Can someone post his record?

thanks a lot.
very early to even call him world-class though. the only guy I know there is velasquez.

Shedog interviewed uriah and Valencia.

If you're a member, view it. ;o)

I saw Faber fight Ivan Menjivar ... that fight was pretty even until the DQ. The fact that he was hanging with Ivan convinced me of his skills. He also fought in Abu Dhabi and did well there.

mmm his name is spelled urijah apparently. you made me sound trollish man:) sure though, I'll check it up.

I will that Charlie In this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad Washburn

tyson griffin hurt faber