Valhalla Rising

Any good? Never heard of it until 30 seconds ago. 

Love it. It's not for everyone, though.

Mads is the best actor of this current gen.

People here will say it sucks.

If you like weird artsy movies, I think it's great, but the ending is a let down.

Cool movie.


Good movie. 

Good movie, but heavy and slow.

Beginning is great. Then it gets really slow. I personally enjoyed because I had a friend recommend it and didnt have false expectations.

Surprised the OG doesn’t appreciate the hallucinogenic butt rape scene

Liked it a lot. Very different. You have to be in the right mood though.

I thought it was good. Definitely not for everyone.

Loved the first 3/4 of the film. The ending was too artsy and psychedelic. Seemed too out of left field of a direction to me. 


Deep film.


One Eye represents Odin.



Forgot about this movie.  Just remembering it almost made me fall asleep. 

I made it until nothing happened. Which was over an hour. 

Love mads. Love directors other movies. Hated this movie. So goddamm tedious.

Very slow.  Not bad though.