Van Damme goes for an armbar

I typed in "kickboxing" looking for some Muay Thai and kickboxing fights on Youtube. I ran across the movie "Kickboxer" from Van Damme and a few other vids. There was a video called "Van Damme in Hell".

In the fight scene Van Damme goes for an armbar from the mount (it was an ugly armbar attempt). The big guy rolls out and manages to get to his knees. The big guy stands up and slams Van Damme (Rampage style)...not quite as brutal though. Van Damme gets the reversal and transitions into headlock control from side mount. Van Damme attempts to figure four the big guys arm with his legs.

Here is the vid:

what ufc was this at?

Van Damme vs. Joe Rogan... Zuffa make it happen!

WTF? Why did JCVD stab the guy with the beret? Does anybody know the backstory to this?? Was that the same french guy who had beef with the gracies a little while back?

eddie teach him some rubber guard, he had gogo all day

If I had a nickle for every time I was stacked going for an armbar being stuck under a huge dude with my leg in like a gogoplata position but his arm across my chest (as if I was going for a triangle) instead of tucked under my arm.

I'm almost as good as JCVD at jiu jitsu!!!

Saw a gogoplata attempt there, must have learned that from Bravo.

Is there a quick take of Laurence Taylor looking on in there?

"In Hell" is actually one of the better Van Damme flics. Its about a guy who goes to a horrible soviet pirson and deals with the inhumanity there. There are some fights, and a rocky esque montage, but it actually has a pretty brutal story. The fights are all pretty good too, I don't recall Van Damme doing anything unreal...he is more of an everyman whos been forced into a horrible circumstance.

Agree w/Biff, one of his finer movies. Yes that was LT hanging out and he has a pretty substantial role in the movie. Definately worth watching or even renting IMO.

see.. Van Damm = mma

Looked decent. Not a bad fight scene. I liked the use the bad guys knife to lunge into the other guy move. Hopefully he wasnt just a spectator and an actual bad guy as well lol.



I rented this a good while back. It's actually not bad.

The Rampage slam not effective against JCVD

I saw it as well. Very dark movie. There are some hints of prison rape in there. But we don't have to see any fortunately.