Van Damme

Not sure if everyone knows this yet, but i just read today about van dammes sequel to bloodsport, Starring Gary goodridge,Stefan Leko, Musashi and some other dudes, sounds like a cool flick though.

Did you also read on the OG that Van Damne plans to compete in
the K1?

Perhaps its a marketing strategy for the movie which is in production now.
looks cool though.

Gary Goodridge will no doubt use the amazing elbow's much like that Po guy from the kickboxer films...

... only to drop his hands and get kicked clean in the side of the head. And get KTFO. Again.

I think it will be VD and Musashi in Final!
Any Takers :)

VD better knock him out good, you would not want it to go to a judges decision with Musashi or you will be robbed

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there already a sequel to the movie Bloodsport, starring some other dude?

i think it was called bloodsport2 :0

I thought the 2nd Blood sport also had some grappling guys in it as well... If I remember, Erik Paulson was in the movie... Anyone remember?


I thought they made at least 3 of those bloodsport movies.

Bloodsport, Bloodsport II the next Kumite, Bloodsport III the fight for justice and truth continues, Bloodsport 4 the final chapter. Hope this helps. This and Justins Tattoo links have helped keep me awake all night while working in between.