Van Damm's "In Hell"


rented a movie called 'in hell' starring van damm this past weekend. what got to rent it was at the back of the cover, there's van damm on a scarfhold position and i was thinking, wtf?! my observations:

a) he never did any of his famous high flying taekwondo kicks. he did some front kicks and that was it. actually it was more to distract his opponent rather that a finishing move.

b) the fight scenes reminded me more of an mma type fight rather that your typical acrobatic style shit.

c) the biggest shocker IMO: in this one fight scene, van damm clinched with his opponent, did a textbook judo throw (oouchi-gari?), mounted the dude AND SPUN FOR A FREAKIN' ARMBAR!!! i actually repeated that part and shu'nuff that's what he did! bad dude stood up and slammed van damm ala bob sapp/nog. i believe somehow our hero van damm got him on the ground again, this time placing him on a scarf hold and at the same time pulling his head towards his chest for a neck crank. i noticed that bad dude's arm closest to van damm was in a branch up position, perfect for a kimura by using his legs. at that time i was thinkin', 'no he won't, no he won't'. lo and behold, he fukkin' did it! kimura'd the dude to the point where he snapped it and i was like HOLY SHIT!

is van damm moving with the times or is he into grappling now???

who is the fight coordinator for that flick? did the box cover/credits say?

was looking for it but it didn't say. maybe i missed it... someone from OG mentioned that he's been doing grappling on his flicks lately

i'm sure a lot more action stars will incorporate more MMA/grappling techniques into their movies - this will all promote the grappling arts and is a good thing if done correctly!

I think it was a headlock, not a scarf hold :) I saw that back-cover some time ago.

just saw the movie. The first bad guy did a harai makikomi (sweeping sacrifice hip throw) and landed in a scarf hold which was SWEET. Then he did the suplex. It was a good renter. I waited to see who the fight coordinator was and the name did not ring any bells.

I caught part of a VD movie recently, and they did a fight in an elevator with some grappling mixed in, hooks, rear naked and everything... pretty cool scene...

I think rodrigo (not cumprido) medeiros says that he trained VD.

In his previous movie, Derailed, some girl did a triangle on her attacker and put him to sleep. Van Damme fought some huge guy, and if memory serves me correct, put the guy in a reverse armbar.

hes still a fag

yup...........still a fag in my book. but i liked bloodsport.

Cant possibly be any worse than Brazilian Brawl.... eeek.

Van Damm?........Scarf?..................Kimura?..........Armbar?....What year is this? I dead?....this is da biggest surprize to me, since Arnold Swartzenegger got a black belt in

I rented it and it is an okay film.