Van Halen Collectors/Fanatics -

Well the auction's over now, just got back in town.

Here's what you missed out on, lol.

click pic

Is Eddie whoring himself out, or what?

If I could get 10-25,000 dollars for a guitar just because I did some taping on it, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Why is making money based on his signature design "whoring"? No offense, but I don't see the problem.

Racer you're awfully defensive lately. I just re-read my post and can't see where I implied any problem or negativity.

Gee, I guess I interpreted the "whoring" reference as negative. My bad. ;)

  1. I love whores. LOVE.

  2. the whoring comment was regarding Eddie personally selling and endorsing his broken guitars.....not his own EVH line of taped Charvels.

Either way, I'd probably throw out 10K for it if I had over 7 figures in checking, only because I collect silly stuff like that.

I think those are kick azz guitars...but I'm a Charvel fan

Ya know what, if Eddie didn't sell that piece of junk, you just know that someone would come around saying they'd have bought that!

I'd love to have one of those Charvel's, Eddie version or not.

Matter of fact, I'm going to take the plunge and give some business to Warmoth and make one...

No laughing RX... :-)

The sad part thing is I could have one of Eddie's famous guitars in my hands, and his setup, and still not get his sound - while he could have my guitar and amp w/no setup and get his sound instantly.

Ya know Aaron, it's funny...Whenever I play one of Eddie's guitars, I sound just like him......

and then I wake up. ;)

Eddie has actually been a "gear whore" for many years. Kramer,H&H power amps,Music Man,Peavey,and now MXR.

In the old days, he was rumored to be very tight with a buck,thus the original "frankenstein" was built with a Boogie Bodies(which became Warmoth,sort of)neck and body purchased from Wayne Charvel in San Dimas. $50 for the body and $80 for the neck. A couple cans of Schwinn bicycle paint and the rest is history.

Great post RX. I didn't know that about Warmoth. I was planning on buying there stuff to build my frank knock off.

That would be a good move ov1, they make they best necks and bodies I've seen.

If you want to make a REAL "frank" copy I think you need to use a fairly dense ash body(think 70s Fender) for the authentic tone. The new ones are Basswood(as is the body under the maple top on the Music Man EVH's),but Eddie has said the original Black/White Strat stylr guitar was a not particularly light ash body.

Doesn't the high bidder for 2004 also get the custom Harley? I will have to watch Ebay during these next couple of days.

Okay, I checked out the site. It does say that the high bidder for the year gets the custom Harley.

Anyone want to guess what the final number will be on New Years eve? By the way the high bidder so far is $33,250.

hell if you got the $$, why not. And I don't even like Harleys....

Well, I didn't win the lottery tonight, so it won't be me getting the Harley. :(

you just reminded me to check the first lotto ticket I've bought in months....


Getting one of those 1 3/4 nut width necks from Warmoth for a different type of project.