Van Halen trivia ?

two guys at work were trying to figure out how many VH songs were cover songs. if you know any please list 'em and who did em first if possible.

mainly the albums up to 1984. one guy said ALL albums up to 1984 were filled with nothing but covers. the other guy almost had an aneurysm.

is this list correct? i think some mught have been in cincert and not on albums.

All of their first albums included covers - I think 1984 was their first album to NOT have cover tunes?

There are cover on all the early albums, but far from ALL covers.

Eddie HATED doing covers, but after "You Really Got Me" did well, DLR had Eddie convinced that they were essential to the success of a record.

At least that's Eddie's version. ;)

I wonder if those montrose covers were done while DLR was with the band?

Got to hear Yngwie's version of "light up in the sky".

Covers: Van Halen, Van Halen II, Diver Down

No covers: Women and Children First, Fair Warning, 1984

Fair Warning is a Scary record. Eddie was insired in a cool,dark way thruout that one. Check out his solo on "Push Comes To Shove".

Fair Warning is one of the best guitar albums of all time.