Vance. Please give the 1st guy a free membership


He touched me in a bad place once - my heart j/k

hey Vance good to see the school looking like its growing


 Vance IMO did a great job, It's hard a hell to talk im-prov like that. Looks like to have a lot of space in the new gym! Nice to see a gym being able to branch out and hit two markets. Vance is a great instructor, Just look at his fighters at the local shows. They win. That says a lot about where you get your training from. Where is the shout out the UG? last thing he should have said was "Fuck the UG" LOL


Yeah good shit Vance. Really nice interview.

Vance is cool.

Cool spot. Congrats on the new gym.

but seems to have disappeared. maybe he's in cadillac.

i don't believe they have the internets up there.