Vancouver Canucks Rolled off a cliff


Luongo's playoff guarantee wasn't worth shit.

Linden deserved to retire with a championship contender.

Naslund is gone

Luongo might be gone

Sedin sisters should be gone

Oilers 5

Canucks 38 years of futility and counting....

Here Spank...



bah, injuries absolutely destroyed us. My jinx didnt help.

^this is all your fault^

...add the canes to the list, all they had to do was beat Florida.


7-1 loss to calgary

The Canucks had nothing to play for but pride. the canucks showed they lacked pride and character once again. So much for fan appreciation night.

It's all PR's fault ;)

That was a sad game last night but meant nothing as everyone knew. It was a "lets see who we can feed for a goal first: Iggy or Linden" contest.

That said it was classy by the fans to cheer when Iginla got his 50th. It was classy by the Iginla to wait, and bring the rest of his team back on the ice to shake Linden's hand after the game, & very cool of HNIC to make Linden the first star in what's most likely his last game in the NHL in front of his "home" fans.

Luongo isn't going anywhere.
Changes will happen this off-season, 8 UFA's and none have been offered anything yet by the team. I expect a new captain, we'll see how it all shakes out. They were still close in spite of massive injury problems (Coiler fans can relate as well)

Calgary is the team that should be most concerned. Unless they do get Minny to play who they've absolutely owned all year, they barely made it in with what's been a healthy team all year. On paper they should have been a juggernaut.

They don't have the injuries "excuse" like most everyone else in the division.