Vancouver - Gastown suggestions

Just there for two nights before heading to Whistler.

Looking for good food suggestions, good bars maybe with live music. Would like to grab a little smoke. Phone Post 3.0

Real life walking dead a block down the road.

Hahaha i knew a guy that would do all of his special occasion gift shopping at the back door of the ivanhoe, sometimes crackheads come in with some good stuff. Phone Post 3.0

Thank you, gentlemen. Phone Post 3.0

Alibi Room if you like craft beer.

Pigeon park for sure we dropped my out of town friend there when he was hammered. He was never the same.
The Pint is decent if you are not into getting stabbed by junkies at the park. Phone Post 3.0

Pint or Alibi Room and unless you trane avoid pigeon park at night. Phone Post 3.0

Balmoral FTW

I'm a middle aged white guy looking to smoke a little weed and have a few drinks with my wife. No interest in junkies. Phone Post 3.0

Lots of good smoke and good food in Vancouver. What do you like to eat? Lots of restaurants, pubs, food trucks around the area. I recently went to Meat&Bread on Cambie and Hastings. Just a small sandwich shop but damn good. On the other side of the street are the pot shops which would be a good starting point to finding some smoke. Follow your nose, lol.

I'm pretty open when it comes to food. I do like craft beer so will likely hit up the spot mentioned earlier.

And yeah, I doubt I'll have a hard time finding smoke. Is the Black Door across from New Amsterdam Cafe still in business? Phone Post 3.0

Not gastown, but easy walking distance is Shabusen, where you can stuff yourself on sushi, sashimi and korean bbq for a very reasonable price.

Mean poutine! Phone Post 3.0

Jambo888 -
Eggbert - The Ivanhoe pub Phone Post 3.0

too bad they tore down the old american... once you were too drunk for the hoe you could stumble down the block - very convenient

I bought a huge block of cheese and 2 tbones for 10$ at the old a before was a good deal Phone Post 3.0

Backstage lounge on Granville Island has good live music most nights. Food is a little overpriced but drinks are good and view is awesome Phone Post 3.0

Guu in gastown is one of my favorites. La casita is good Mexican for Vancouver. Chill Winston is great. Phone Post 3.0

I guess I'm not right in Gastown but close. staying at The Listell Hotel on Robson. Phone Post 3.0

Hey Jambo888, thanks for the tips. Not there until beginning of May. Phone Post 3.0

Pub 340. Chi pig from snfu hangs out there. The Columbia is a block off main and Hastings. Not sure if it's still open but I used to hang out there. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks again guys. All really helpful info.

I do know I will be drinking a Fat Tug IPA minutes after my arrival. Love that beer. Phone Post 3.0