Vancouver vs Colorado tonight!

First place in the West is up for grabs so it should be a barnburner, but i must admit i'm a little concerned.Cloutier is out and we haven't played so hot the last few games, still getting points which is great, but not looking so sharp lately with some sloppy and lazy play.The Aves on the other hand are flying right now so it should make for an interesting game.If we're on our game we should be able to get the W.

Any predictions?
I say 4-3 Nucks.

I'll do JHammetts for him: Aves 100 - Vancouver .3

4-2 Avalanche win

I like the Nucks. Big Bert will have a good game.

lol @ .3


Damn Loki is good!


fags want another warning?punk


2-2 tie is my prediction.. should be a good game. I am going tp see Sens Vs Bruins tonight


the game was two days ago

1-1 tie is my prediction