Vanderlei Silva drawing

Vanderlei Silva celebrating winning the Grand Prix, 9x12" ball point pen

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Once again....... AWESOME!!!!


LOOKS GREAT!!! How long do these take you??

the ball point pen ones usually take 4-5 hours. It's a bit longer than most drawing mediums since you need to build up the values slowly, and because there is no erasing you need to be extra careful not to make mistakes.

But to me, the extra time is worth it. I like the way ball point pen looks as compared to pencil, you can get darker marks which means more contrast overall. It also doesn't smear and smudge as I'm working which is nice.It's also a bit more unique...everyone draws with pencil, but not many people draw with a regular old ball point pen. It's cool to do something a bit different from the norm.

bradu has major skills, that is all.

Very Cool!

every pic that I have seen of bradu's has been amazing!!!

I agree BAM BAM


Nice! You got skillz.

What technique did you use for this one?

That rules.



good job, I like how you treated the lighting.

more good stuff

Nice man,, NICE !!

Nice job!