vanderlei silva training?

does anyone know the training routine vanderlei goes through? maybe from reading interviews or speaking with him?

hes got a normal routine
bjj,muay thai, running, and swimming, i will find out for you

lol at alxh!


Chute Boxe does a lot of full contact sparring

They throw all of the chute boxers into an electrified steel cage with flames that shoot out periodically.

The first one out gets to eat a big breakfast. The second one out eats a smaller bereakfast and so forth. The last one in te cage gets no food but has to scrib the toilet with his knuckles.

They do this again for lunch and then again for dinner. This cycle repeats 6 days a week. On the seventh day they rest. Everyone gets breakfast but they still have to fight for lunch and dinner.


lol @ alxh


i didn't know he even used a club! i figured he just pummeled things to death