Vanderlei Silva VS Mirko CroCop!!!

I haven't been on this site in almost 2 yrs, so sorry if someone already brought this up. But what do you think about this matchup? On paper it is pure fireworks.

i think it would end in a draw.

This is so mean unless he is joking, then it's dumb.

Think about if you guys started to watch boxing.

check out their fight and see for yourself, haha..

CroCop and Silva can't end in a draw. They hit too hard for that. Before the 20 min there will be a tko due to a cut, or a ko. Also, don't forget that Vanderlai has some submission skills. Remember how he put a triangle choke on Yoshida. Can't remember if he locked it in or not but Yoshida got out of it. I guess if he would have had it well locked in Yoshida might not have gotten out of it. But Vanderlei does have some ground/sub skills. I don't think CroCop does.


Man, both fighetrs have amazing stand up. I don't think Wanderlie will take this one to the ground even if he could get past Crocops sprawl. Crocop hits hard damn it. I bet he would bruse a a few Ribs of Wanderlie's. I can just picture that big footprint in Wandy's ribs now. Anyways it's too close to call. I'm goin with the draw.

i still think silva will take him down, even tyhough cros sprawl is awesome now

didn't they already fight under modified rules that favored stand-up fighting? if memory serves it was a draw. if cro cop cant beat silva standing, there's no way he'd beat him on the ground.

yes it was wierd rules and crocop had no sprawl at the time. silva looked like the winner but it was a draw thanks to no finish

I hate to distract from what appears to be a solid troll thread, but Crocop's lack of sprawl was not a factor, since Wanderlei's takedowns were all from the clinch (weren't they? I realized I'm just assuming they were because I can't picture him SHOOTIN' DUBS!!!).

How long ago did they fight? I remember there used to be a database on some website that had detailed records of all fighters. Anyone know where that is?

be a great fight

Gotta agree with orcus here, Silva didn't shoot on Cro Cop, he tripped him up. He'd have a harder time doing it in a rematch but I'd still take Silva.

check out sherdog.coms fight finder

you do realize they fought before? I thought you were trolling.

Qazzaq, thanks for the link. FatBuddha, I wasn't kidding. I feel silly now that I went to and saw it. I have probably seen 80% of all UFC and Pride events, that one I obviously missed. And I don't hang out at these forums that much. Yesterday was the 1st time in 2 yrs that I come here.

Anywho, it would definitely be a great fight. Both of these guys are so much better now than 2.5 yrs ago. They are both such devastating strikers. I think that some of you that mingle with the people in the high levels of the sport should start mentioning this to them. This will be a great fight/rematch.

If mma had tag teams, they'd make a good one