Vanderlei's hematoma....

I just rewatched Silva vs Hendo last night, and have to say that other than Yuki Nakai fighting with only one good eye I don't think I've ever seen a more gutsy performance than that of Silva fighting with that lump on his head. I know that Rahman had a bigger lump on his dome, but he looked like he was near tears even when they had stopped fighting. Silva was on the ground in Dan's guard and mounted for most of the second round with Dan keeping Silva's head as close to his as possible. I'd imagine the throbbing as the blood flowed to his head would be extremely painful even without them rubbing their skulls together or getting punched in that fuckin thing. Ouch, and GUTS.

Btw, that thing was initially caused by a clash of heads which dropped Silva to a knee for a second, it was shortly before Dan rocked him good with that nasty right.

Also, this pic doesn't even come close to the in fight views of that thing. It's more bloody in the sherdog pics but that thing was on SWOLE during the fight. Crazyness.

There is a reason Silva has never been too keen on rematching Henderson.

Hendo is an animal

Freeman, just another way of saying extremely swollen.

"There is a reason Silva has never been too keen on rematching Henderson."

I've heard Vanderlei say Hendo was very tough, but where has he said anything about a rematch?? Also, I haven't heard Henderson ask for one either.

"Hendo was using his chin on Silva's eye to increase the cut. He did that many times. pretty dirty move for a guy who whined so much about Silva's illegal knee."

Please let's not get into that stuff, I just wanted to make this thread to talk about something I never really thought much of during the many other times I'd watched this fight in the past.

How do you fight through that sort of thing?? You're fighting a top fighter with a huge painful swelling on your head and it I'd think it HAS to hurt every time they hit you anywhere in the head, even when you get hit on the opposite side of the of the face. I just can't fathom how any human could fight in that condition the way he did for as long as he did.

Simply put, Vanderlei is the original cyborg fighting machine, Fedor is a newer model that they built with different abilities. But don't let that fool you into thinking that Vanderlei is an old obsolete model. Silva's all around abilities seem as if they're upgraded every six months or so, which is fucking scary.

the Fedor model does have a few minor flaws, IMO, and hopefully the designers will be working to correct this.

SadyV if your insinuating that Wanderlai is afraid of Dan I think your forgetting that Silva won that fight by unamious decison.

I think Henderson has forgotten what it feels like to be stomped but if they rematch I'm sure he will be reminded.

I cannot wait until they rematch again, I will win some big money betting on Dan.

Dan by TKO.

Good call CTsar.

I have to agree with John Kerry. Imo Vanderlei has improved far more than Henderson since their first fight.


How?? He might win via dq, but that's only if he's reeeeeeally been working hard on his injured soccer player impression. The last one only fooled those who wanted to be fooled.

John Kerry- no need to get testy, I voted for you.

Hendo isn't some random person who Silva is rematching with. In the first match, Hendo had Silva ko'd on the feet, and then "punched" him back.

I am confident that he will do much better next time around, seeing that he will most likely get more than 2 weeks notice.

In the unlikely event that Dan loses I will be happy to come back and admit that I was wrong.

"Hendo had Silva ko'd on the feet, and then "punched" him back."

Nah, he almost had him, but he couldn't close the deal. I doubt Dan will get a rematch anyways cause I don't see him beating many of the other contenders in his division.

I rematch would be awesome but the result would be the same. Dan is an awesome fighter though...

Sd Cartel,

You say "Hendo is an animal"

What kind of animal is he?

I think he is like a squirrel.........

He sounded just like a squirrel, when Frank Shamrock made him scream.


Hendo doesn't seem to be phased by anyone. He's almost like a lighter weighted Vov. Sweet wrestling with good hands. Not afraid to throw haymakers. From what I've seen of interviews and post fight spiel he comes across as a top notch bloke.

Silva's one of my favorite fighters. Henderson's one of my favorite fighters.

That's a huge ass lump!


I remember that interview, I did that :-)

In any case, Hendo is a great fighter! One of my favs, but that fight wasn't (IMO) as close as people made it out to be. Appart from that moment, Silva knocked Hendo down like three times, mounted him, stomped him, and more and more. Plus, back then knees on all fours weren't legal, imagine today?

"Watch the fight:

Silva's eye only closed over completely AFTER the fight."

Watch the fight, Silva has a HUUUUUUGE "hematoma" on his head WHILE he is fighting. I settled for a pic of the aftermath cause I couldn't find any pics of him mid match.

caption: "No, serious doctor, I win this fight."