The fruity little fella is trying all the crazy shit!


Holy smokes, how did Daniel get Jamie onto his back?

In the thread at axkickboxing, whoever posted the pictures said something about Daniel displaying the best standup skills of any fighter on the night. That's a big wrap, and if his standup has become that good he could certainly go all the way - obviously his ground game is almost up to scratch... ;-)

"Holy smokes, how did Daniel get Jamie onto his back?"

You're kidding right ?

At what point was the fight not going to the ground at Daniel's will and was not being finished by sub ?

I guess you haven't seen his other fights ?

It is actually a little scary to see that mach raw agression just flowing from the Little Devil from about 20 minutes before the fight until just after the ref stops it.

I don't think there is anyone else in Aus for Daniel is there ?